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Based in South & South West Florida

Welcome, I'm Angie,

I’m a photographer and designer based in South & Southwest, Florida. I’m a wife traveler (I’ve Been to over 10 Countries so far! Its a passion of mine so if you need me to travel, I’m you girl!) , coffee lover (More like obsession!)  and artist ( Graduated with a design & art major!). I started doing photography since I was a little girl, although in the last few years I got more into portrait & couples photography. Which is so much fun because I love connecting with people in the community and giving people the joy of looking at the photos I take for them!

Based in Naples, Fort Myers & South Florida
Happily available for travel. 


So how will your photography session go if you book with me? 

Being natural in front of a camera is hard for many, trust me I know I have been on the other end of the camera and it’s not easy. That’s why having a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and lets you embrace your true emotions is so important! 

I hope that photographer can be me!

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 I truly have a passion for designing and embracing my creativity!       View my portfolio on my Design Tap to check out my Designs.

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